Common Characteristics Of The Big Five Personality Test

Today human resource managers are always looking for new ways to recruit the best people in industry . The most common interview questions and checking someones qualifications are rarely  enough to judge whether someone has the acremant  they are looking for ,and sometimes new methods are used .

The big five personality test is one technique that is now implemented  to help give a better judgement in finding the real characteristics of someone personality . This technique can helps to calculate the right person and many recruitment officers are now turning to these sort of methods when interviewing for new staff .


The big five personality test actually contains  5 personality dimensions that are openness, extroversion, consciousness, agreeableness, and neuroticism. The five factors are also called as traits of personality test.

Openness is a good trait and it might help to find the skills or interests of people, as well as many other insightful thoughts .  A recruitment officer would always be looking for someone who is open and is a pretty good sign of their honesty in general . Consciousness is another  of big five personality tests . Extroversion is also a trait of big fiver personality test. This test is to aid the understanding of any future employees , their assertive, and other extroversion skills.

This trait simply reveals the employee’s affection , sympathy and other qualities . This trait is also helps to judge the individual’s cooperation, compassion and other characteristics.

Neuroticism is also on the list and is simply used to calculate the emotional stability of employee .

The test itself may help to reveal any negative or indeed , positive emotions of employees .

These five traits can give a fairly accurate portrayal of a person.

Alot of big companies are choosing the big 5 personality test to help them acquire the right quality of employees .