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What Are These 5 Best Personality Traits

Each and every day our brains are active , 24 hours per day it churns on ,processing information . Some of the important aspects of live a life are work, spirituality, health, education, recreation, volunteer work and home.


Five factors can be denoted as a part of the best personality traits and the factors can be called as factor analysis. A person’s personality can vary from the characteristics and each person will behave slightly differently although having similar traits .

The best five dimensions would be agreeableness, extroversion, openness, conscientiousness and neurotic-ism .

Each category consists of related characteristics and some of the specific factors under the five personalities. Many scientists can be suggested the theory of the human personality and psyche and there are many factors are involved in the human personality. Developmental factors and biological factors have involved the heritability, temperament vs. Personality, non-humans and development during adolescence and childhood. In historically, there are many relationships is considered in the personality traits and such as common mental disorders, personality disorders, and the personality-psychopathology methods.

Factors of five personality traits

Extraversion is one of the factors of big five personality test and it can be related with some characteristics such as sociability, talkativeness, excitability, high expressiveness and high emotion and assertiveness. Some of the people spend energy in the sociability settings and those people are in extraversion.

Agreeableness is characterised by trust, kindness, altruism, social behaviours and affection. Generally, people want to agree on everything whatever happens in the human life either if it good or bad and they want to accept all kindly. Conscientiousness is one of the specific features and it includes good impulsive control, high-quality level of thoughtfulness and achieves the goal. Neuroticism is specified by irritability, emotionally silent, anxiety, moodiness, sadness and emotional instability