The Big 5 Personality Traits Test

Best 5 Personality Traits

There are many factors involved in maintaining a healthy and productive life ,and some of these traits are of benefit to themselves and the people around them ,helping to live a happy and for filling life . People that a positive attitude and do not dwell to greatly on the past and look forward to whatever the future may bring .

Psychologists determine that there are  5 Personality Traits in general , that are most beneficial to us and the people around us . These 5 factors are combined together to form a group they refer to as the factor analysis. These  5 factors are best described in the big five personality test and are judged by such things like conscientiousness, openness to experience, agreeableness, and neurotic-ism and extroversion.

Each these factors contains some of the related characteristics and also a number of specific features haven been defined in each topic.

There are many biological factors that will effect temperament and personality, Although improvements during childhood and adolescence  can help to tip the balance and make us better people and more compatible throughout adulthood.

Development and biological factors

These features contain specific qualities such as active, positive and warm, assertive, gregarious as well as excitement. Generally, a person has more excitement when they something funny and it also one of the keys to behave actively daily in our everyday life.

Intelligence and development

Neurotic-ism is one of the tests in the big five personality test factors and it can help us to relate to some specific characteristics such as life experience , and how someone would react to certain situations . Confidence is also a good sign that a person can deal with problems effectively in life and also is a huge help in improving how our future will look . Someone easily depressed could fold very easily with a problem and that is not a good sign when looking for positive personality traits . Being agreeableness ,without seeming weak is a good quality along with modesty, cooperative behavior, honesty and altruistic, straightforward and compliance.


Conscientiousness is another one of the best personality traits  to have because  having a focus ,or direction for your life ,is one thing anyone that is planning to get on in life will surely need . A conscientiousness person will be competent, dutiful, and enough focus to motivate themselves to getting their goals achieved . Openness is another good trait to look out for showing  feelings and sticking to either their values and  ideals .